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I have been meaning to blog here for a while, but between work, graduation plans, killing the Silhouette, planning the wedding and working on other blogging ventures I haven't had time... But I guess that's pretty obvious...

D came to visit in July and everything was amazing... I really needed that.
We spent 9 days together, walking around and attempting to take advantage of his presence here to do some planning... Not much though... 
We booked the church, ordered the wedding bands, looked for places where to order the wedding favors and visited the cupcake shop where I'm going to order the cupcakes for the wedding... But I think that's about it... 

He also had to do the whole "asking for my hand in marriage" thing... It was silly and nerve-wrecking and great! Although I had warned him that he'd have to do a speech or something like that, he wasn't ready.  So he was even more nervous than it was necessary.   

It was so funny trying to translate what he was saying about me while blushing and pretending I was so calm and cool and then translating what my parents were saying without chocking in tears.  

Everybody did speeches.  David, my parents, my brothers, my aunt (Yes! My aunt!).  
Everyone but me! :-D How awesome is that!

At the moment I'm trying to decide where to hold the reception, although I think I found the perfect place to do it, they offer quite a fair price and would take care of pretty much everything.

I'm trying to make as much as I can myself, because it would be cheaper and it would be far more personal :) The wedding lasso has been ready for a couple of months now and it's gorgeous.  I'm also done with the envelopes, or almost because I have decided to make a few more because I'm sending invitations to some of David's friends that won't be coming and some of my family and friends in the States. 
The design for the invitations is ready and I have started cutting them up, which is why my Silhouette is being killed slowly :-P
The outside has a papel picado design made by Wilmer Murillo, he's a Honduran illustrator and graphic designer whom I admire HUGELY.  The design is really simple and cute and I love it!  I'm really excited about the invitations, I think they look great and I can't wait to finish them and hand them out.
There's still a lot to be done, hopefully everything will come out well and we'll have a nice little wedding to celebrate with our friends and family just how we want to.

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